Adventures in & around our hotel

Immediately when children and teenagers discover a new attraction, they also try it out. Hotel Tannemühle does not have any transit traffic which means more than enough space for activities.

Where to find what

  • Schlüchtmühle (1)
  • Trout farm(2)
  • Tannenmühle (3)
  • Tannenmühle Wildlife (4)
  • Schlüchtmühle (5)
  • Playground Tannenmühle (6)
  • Laurentius chapel (7)
  • Water playground (8)
  • Mill Museum Grafenhausen (9)
  • Laurentiusblick (10)
  • 3x View point
  • Mühlenpfad (-----)

On a voyage of discovery around the fir mill

Whether on foot or by bike - there is a lot to discover around the fir mill:
Walk along rippling waters on the mill path or walk on our "Jakobsweg", past the alpacas and up to the beautiful Laurentiuskapelle.

It pulls you farther away? The beautiful surroundings can hardly be better enjoyed and explored than on the bike. And if the little ones are not yet so practiced, they can ride comfortably and safely in the bicycle trailer.

Traditional Mill

A special jewel in our crown is our Black Forest Mill Museum Schwarzwälder Museumsmühle. It was built in the traditional way which means only with wood and no metal nails. All buildings and equipment are exactly as they were more than 100 years ago. The mill demonstrates the journey from corn to flour, as well as many interesting aspects what life and working was like back in those times.

Gift shop

The mill museum also has a small gift shop in which we offer Black Forest specialities, little souvenirs, as well as our spelt husk pillows and spelt flour from our own production. The gift shop is open for you from 12 pm until 6:00 pm. Entrance to the museum costs €1,30 per person (Children €0,60)

Animal enclosures

Discover the many different types of animals we have on offer. Stroll, for example, from our alpacas to the budgies or let our peacock show you his wonderful feathers.

What are also very much well worth seeing in addition to our native animals, are our many exotic birds. You can go and say hello to our ponies, Galloway cattle or Chinese Meishan pigs. Our "up-close-and-personal" petting zoo is a very special experience.

Jakob's playground

Our new indoor playground for the whole family is now ready! Irrespective of the weather, the very little ones get their money's worth here. In our XXL ball pool you can let off steam as well as expand your skills in the ball game parcour. There is also table football and many more games ...

Water playground

Our new water playground is great fun for everyone. Pump with all your might and fill the various tubs with enough water so that the water wheels turn.

And, of course, only the very best Black Forest water runs through the water playground.

Action, fun and lots of friends

On our adventure playground, children can discover the many slides, swings, climbing possibilities, cableways as well as experiencing a lot more besides. Enjoy the rotating carousels in the petting zoo. For those a bit older we also have a collection of original vintage tractors and rollers.

Fish Farm

It is a long and risky journey from trout eggs to a portion of trout on the plate. In our fish farm, the trout reach portion size of 350 grams after 2 to 3 years.The growth of the fish is not pushed.

Our most important goal is: To produce trout with particularly soft and juicy meat and unbeatable taste and to then serve it to you in a variety of delicious ways. The best conditions for successful breeding of the fish is provided by the water which is rich in oxygen and that only warms very little even in the summer. The freshness of the trout and the incomparable selection of different types of preparation are unique in the region.

St. Lawrence Chapel

The St. Lawrence Chapel was built on the raised ground opposite the Tannenmühle in 1982/83.

Enjoy the view over the Tannenmühle valley and enjoy a few moments of reflection with the patron saint of cooks.

Or start your sight-seeing tour through the Rothauser region at the Open church/Chapel trail.

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