Menus & Highlights

Our Black Forest restaurant is known above all for its excellent trout specialities from our own breeding. Our cuisine is therefore, in addition to the Aral Schlemmer Atlas and the Michelin Guide, also listed by the "Feinschmecker" on the list of the top 400 fish restaurants. In addition, we offer a variety of modern Baden dishes, for which we mainly use regional ingredients.

Trout Menu


Black Forest smoked trout soup

with toast

Cold Starters

Home-smoked trout fillet

cranberry-cream horseradish ǀ butter & toast

Small trout hors d`oeuvre

smoked trout ǀ salmon trout ǀ salmon trout medaillon ǀ trout tureen ǀ salad bouquet ǀ toast butter

Warm Starters

Trout liver flambéed with cognac

served in a rice ring

Tannenmüller's Trout – Classic in the Whole

Trout ~Blue~

poached in vinegar stock ǀ melted butter & farm potatoes

Trout ~a la meunier~

farm potatoes

Trout ~a la meunier~

herb butter ǀ farm potatoes

Trout ~a la meunier~

almonds ǀ farm potatoes

Tannenmüller's Trouts Specialities

Fried salmon trout medallions

spinach ǀ farm potatoes

Fried trout fillets ~a la Grenoble~

lemon fillets ǀ capers ǀ leafy spinach ǀ brown butter ǀ farm potatoes

Fried trout fillets ǀ pumpkin curry


Baked trout fillets ~Monte Christo~

cut in strips ǀ breaded ǀ baked ǀ mushrooms ǀ tomato ragout Provencale ǀ sauce Hollandaise ǀ farm potatoes

Rice ring ~Spring~

trout- and salmon trout ragout ǀ Badischer asparagus ǀ vegetables julienne ǀ shrimps ǀ Bear's garlic sauce

Breaded ǀ baked trout fillets

Remoulade sauce ǀ farm potatoes

Breaded ǀ baked trout fillets ~Colbert~

herb butter ǀ farm potatoes

Fried trout fillets ~a la Bern~

butter rösti ǀ apple ǀ roasted bread cubes

Piccata of trout

trout medallions in egg parmesan coating on spinach noodles ǀ tomato ragout Provencale ǀ sauce Hollandaise

Fried trout fillets ~oriental style~

baked banana ǀ almonds ǀ curry sauce ǀ rice

Please note that we offer a limited menu for groups.

Children's Menu

Colourful children's salad

crisp leaf and raw vegetable salads of the season with Tannenmüller's house dressing

Spelt pancake

with homemade apple sauce

Fried trout fillet

remoulade & boiled potatoes

Veal cream cutlet

with homemade spaetzle & cream sauce

Homemade spaetzle

with cream sauce

Pair of Vienna sausages

with French fries

Breaded pork cutlet

French fries & ketchup

French fries

with Ketchup

Menu of the Day

Aperitif Treat

Tannenmüller's Apero Matilda

Secco with fresh maracuja

Sparkling Grape - non-alcoholic (0,1l) Schätzle vineyard / Baden

A non-alcoholic variant made from 100% own grapes pearled out with sparkling carbonic acid sparkles in a bright rosé look with fine fragrant fruit.

White wine

2017 Villa Bürklin

Wachenheim - Pfalz
Dr Bürklin-Wolf

Quality wine dry
Cuvée from Riesling, Weißburgunder und Sauvignon Blanc

Red wine

2017 Roter Milan

Nack - Baden
Weingut Clauß

Quality wine dry
Cuvée from Cabernet, Merlot und Dornfelder


Colourful side salad

leaf salads with crunchy raw vegetable salads ǀ Tannenmüller's house dressing

Shrimp cocktail ~Rhode Island~ of northern prawn

served in a glass ǀ toast ǀ butter

Autumn leaf salad ǀ Sherry dressing

gratinated goat cheese | pumpkin chutney


Beef broth ǀ topping

Hearty goulash soup

Pumpkin cream soup | roasted pumpkinseeds

Vegetarian – simply without...

Seasonal vegetable plate

with baked potato parcels

Pumpkin curry | roasted cashew nuts

dried fruit | rice

Main Courses - from Meadows & Forests

Rump steak of Angus beef ǀ pepper cream sauce

french fries

Barbarie duck breast | orange pepper sauce

red cabbage | croquettes

Pork medallions ǀ cream sauce

fried mushrooms ǀ homemade spaetzle

Deer steak | fried mushrooms

pear & cranberries | Red cabbage | homemade spaetzle

100 % Gluten & Lactose free

Rumpsteak of Angus beef

colourful leaf salads ǀ sherry-nut oil dressing


Fresh vegetables

Tannenmüller's Evergreens & Snacks

~Fitness plate trout~/~fitness plate turkey~

colourful salad platter of the season ǀ tomato ǀ egg ǀ melon ǀ seeds ǀ herb butter ǀ bread

Cordon bleu of veal

ham & cheese filled ǀ French fries

Breaded schnitzel from local pork loin

French fries

Tannenmüller's homemade sausage salad

onions ǀ vinegar & oil ǀ garnished with colourful salads

Black Forest ham

butter ǀ farmer bread

Large colourful salad platter of the season

with various raw vegetable and leafy salads ǀ egg ǀ ham

Creamed meat slices three ways turkey ǀ veal ǀ pork

fresh champignons ǀ homemade spaetzle

Venison ragout ~in the style of the forester~

pear ǀ mushrooms ǀ cranberries ǀ homemade spaetzle

Vespers board with homemade sausage

rind stomach ǀ black pudding ǀ liver sausage ǀ Black Forest ham


Mixed ice cream

with cream

Lemon sorbet

with sparkling wine

~Black Forest cup~

chocolate ice cream ǀ ice cream with vanilla flavour ǀ morello cherries ǀ kirsch ǀ cream

Lukewarm plums

Vanilla ice cream ǀ pumpkin seed oil | roasted pumpkin seeds

Homemade crème caramel

fruits ǀ cream

~The little Darling~

a hot espresso ǀ served with Schlüchttal-truffles

Hot & Sweet

1 scoop chocolate mousse served with a hot espresso


ice cream with vanilla flavour ǀ cream ǀ garnished with chocolate sauce

Fruit Cup

Strawberry ice cream ǀ Vanilla flavoured ice cream ǀ Fresh fruit salad ǀ Cream

~Banana split~

banana halves with ice cream with vanilla flavour ǀ chocolate sauce ǀ almond slivers ǀ cream

Dessert plate ~Tannenmühle~

homemade parfait | chocolate mousse | ice cream | fresh fruits

Homemade mousse au chocolat

scoop of vanilla ice cream | fruits | cream